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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lets make an Exception

 Just out of college, a computer engineer, a thinker. Wanted to write some real code. Did write it. Took my 1st snippet of code on to a live production environment. It ran well. Phew!!! No issues there. And then i got my first ever app to write. You know, the one with the user interface. That is when i had my tryst with the end user, the customer, the purpose and the fool.

Its was running smoothly! Flawless was the word. Then all the weird cases start to crop up. Things you would have never imagined, would stare you in the eye and say, "I dare you to get past me." That is when you realize that the 1st step to writing good production code is being exceptionally good at Exceptional Handling. There is no point in calling yourself a good coder if you can not even think of the assumptions and errors the end user will make while running your application all by himself and then blame it all on you for not handling things so very trivial. I would like to trade places with him and then watch the fun. But, the customer is always right, primarily because he is paying me good money to write the code. So, i might as well take the blame, or not, by writing good code.

So here are a few pointers i got over this last one week's experience at work on exceptions and their handling:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

AIT Hackers Association

AIT Hackers Association is back.

Fellow Hackers,

Time, they say, is the most important asset in our fraternity. And I agree to the same in my full being.

Agreed that we have not been in touch for a while, but DO NOT ASSUME IT AS OUR DEATH... mind you, "WE ARE ALIVE".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


All those who had Participated in Tech-Aakriti last year... should fill this form below .... this is for the Certificates...


The form will be Closed soon... So please do it fast.........

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Third Round for Business Modeling will take place on 13th of March at 1000 hrs. The teams are required to set up a stall in the Raman Theatre where they would demonstrate their product and the business plan to sell it to the Judges. All teams would be provided with a table to set up their stall. However no extra infrastructure should be expected on part of the organizers.


1. The Judges expect you to do more research on your business plan and make it better by all means. It is okay if you make significant changes in your business strategy, you need not stick to the business plan you originally submitted in round 2.

2. You can make use of posters, banners, presentations on laptops, palmphlets, models etc or anything that helps you promote your product better, at the stall. Feel free to employ new ideas and use your creativity.

3. The teams must be ready with the stalls atleast 15 mins before the commencement of the event that is by 0945 hrs. It is advised that the teams reach the premises by 0915hrs and start with setting up their stalls.

4. The final results will be solely based on the performance shown by the team in the 3rd round and will not be related to the performance in the earlier rounds in anyway.

5. The teams are allowed to sell their products to the people who come to see their stalls or take orders and make profits. This however, is not compulsory.

All the best to all the teams. Do well ! Feel free to ask the organizers in case you have any queries.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


" The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible."
- Albert Einstein

Sketching and Drawing skills give us the power to capture the world around us on a piece of paper with all the intricacies associated to it. The drawing skills enable us to represent any physical body in precise specifications through a detailed graphic. The "CAD" event explores your ability to put your drawing skills to use to describe in lines and curves the intricacies of common physical entities with help of Computer Aided Design. Let us see if that Engg. Graphics practise of yours has paid off!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is to bring to the notice of all concerned, especially the branch-heads, and the technical teams,  that it's high time you guys start taking things seriously. There are serious issues and they need to be resolved, ASAP


The instructions for each event will be uploaded on the blog at the right time. So follow the blog, all relevant details are up there for most of the events and for the rest, they will be there at the right time. We are not a bunch of fools who toil ourselves in writing one whole documentation, with the slightest of detail, and you comfortably say, "I didn't know".
If a detail is up there, and you say you didn't know, well simply putting it's not my fault, and you loose. simple.

And most importantly, follow what's documented in the blog. Don't go by what someone said some moment. If you come up and report that Mr. xyz told me this and that regarding this particular event, then I am really sorry, why did you trust him in the first place, it's your fault. why don't you just follow the blog?


Talk to each other. I mean talk amongst yourselves, and your counterparts from other branches, your teachers, only then will you get to know how things are going on there. I know you all are busy people, so are we, but you are welcome to get your doubts clarified, anytime. call us, sms us, mail us. we will reply you as soon as possible.
 If you find any discrepancy or if the details provided are insufficient, bring it to our notice immediately, and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


No late entries would be entertained from now on. If the end time is 12, we wont be accepting any entry at even 12:01. This is serious business and you need to take it seriously.
Same goes for registrations. registrations will close down 12 hrs before the event. you can be ready with your back-up teams (they should be registered as well), in case some team team fails to make it to the event.


Prince Mishra


Instructions :

1. Create a video presentation of your design. The video should be 15-20 min. long and should explicitly explain how you are planning to develop and implement your innovation.

2. The video can be in any video format i.e. mp4, avi, etc.

3. It should be in English Language only.

4. Judging criteria remains the same as it was for round 1.

5. your video can include a narrated powerpoint presentation as a screen-cast. use "screen capture" tools or your own creative skills, but the video should give us a clear cut idea as to how you are going to implement the idea, what the architectural systems are employed in it, who its potential users will be, and how will your innovation bring in a new revolution in the world.These are the essential parts of your video. Other than that, you can include a ground survey of the people, you are making your innovation for! Since the judging criteria is up there, so I leave it to your discretion what's best for your video.

6. Your submission should also include a written document describing your innovation like it was for Round 1.
The Format of the report is available here

And make sure your submission is in proper format, else it stands for outright rejection! 

7. Reports are to be mailed at aittechmail@gmail.com with the subject "ICROUND2" (without quotes). Don't write anything else in the Subject field, and remember the CAPS.

NOTE : make sure your videos and reports reach us in time. If it doesn't, it's disqualified. Plain and Simple.